Explore the mountains and valleys by foot

The landscape is covered beneath a thick layer of snow, just as if it would be wrapped in soft cotton. The snow makes the scenery appear more peaceful, peacefuly but not lonely. Within the covered trees you may hear the birds twitter, the Lech river flows with relaxation peacefully through the valley and a squirrel delightfully jumps through a firtree on the search of its hidden food treasures. 

Explore Lech and its surrounding valleys and mountaintops from a different point of view. 
We gladly assist you with your suited hiking advice here at our reception.

Our hiking suggestions
Lech–Zug–"Zuger Runde"–Lech

Easy route, approx. 2.5 hours
You start your hike at the Hotel. You cross the bridge and take the hiking path from there. It leads you through the snowy woods along the river. Once you arrive in Zug, you cross the street to get on the "Zuger Runde". In a big loop, you walk along the mountain side passing houses and hotels while enjoing a magnificent view of the Rote Wand as well as the scenic view of the Rüfikopf. Once you are back at the starting point in Zug, you can either walk back or take the blue local bus back to the hotel.

Winterwandern in Lech-Zürs

Easy route, approx. 3 hours
Take the hiking path to Oberlech via Burgwald or take the blue local bus to Oberlech. At hotel Mohnenfluh you continue up on the winter hiking path. On your right hand you pass the "Skyspace". At the next fork you go straight ahead towards "Gaisbühelalpe". Take your time to enjoy wonderful mouontain views to the Karhorn and Braunarl peaks. The path ends at the same fork where you startet. Now you walk back to Hotel Mohnenfluh, where you can either continue your descent or you can take the bus.

Winterspaziergang in Lech

Easy route, approx. 1.5 hours
You start at the wooden bridge and cross the street. You follow the street up between Hotel Post and Hotel Pfefferkorn, until you are at the start of the hiking path. The path goes steadily uphill towards Zürs, passing the Wiesele, where some freeriders complete their downhill run. Later you also pass the heating plant in Zürs, from where you will see the first ski lift. Once you arrive in Zürs, you can either take a break in one of the charming restaurants, or directly go back to Lechwith the blue local bus.