the breath-taking mountain landscape of Lech

You are sitting in the middle of a colourful meadow on a smooth rock. In the peace you are listening to the river and you can smell the tangy scent of the firtrees. The tinkle of cowbells, sunshine on your skin and joy in your heart - the elemental strengh of the alpine nature seems almost unreal. How beautiful it is to be walking though the mountains on such a day, far away from everyday life.

We have collected a few hiking recommendations for you, so you can already see the variety of possibilities in advance.

 hiking for pleasure

Zürsersee - Madlochjoch - Lech

Difficult route, approx. 5.5 hours
The "Seekopf" chairlift takes you up to lake Zürsersee at 2.144 meters - a small stop on the dock will for sure be worth your time to admire the impressive mountain views. Afterwards you start to hike up to the Madlochjoch. Once you arrive at the top, you take a small pebbly path to a viewpoint on a plateau with breathtaking views to lake Spullersee and the Roggalspitze peak. Downhill you pass the Stierlochjoch, where you decide if you would like to take a break at Ravensburger hut or if you prefer to directly walk back to Lech via Zug.

Rüfikopf - Stuttgarter Hütte

Medium route, approx. 4 hours
You take the "Rüfikopfbahn" cable car up, already there at 2.350 metres you can enjoy wonderful views of the village and the surrounding mountains. At the foot of the "Rüfispitze" peak you hike until you arrive at "Rauhe Kopf Scharte". During summertime you can here still find spring flowers. As soon as you turn right towards Stuttgarter hut, the nature surrounding you changes - alpine meadows full of colourful summer flowers appear. After a short break at Stuttgarter hut, you hike down to Zürs and take the hiking bus back to Lech.

Übers Stierlochjoch zum Spullersee

Easy route, approx. 2.5 hours
Alongside the river Lech you walk to Zug. At the cable car you take the hiking path to your left towards "Stierloch". After approx. 400 metres, there is a fork, a slight detour to the waterfall is definitely worth your time, before you get back to your route towards "Stierlochjoch". Once you arrive at the ridge you will see wonderful alpine meadows and a spectacular view of lake Spullersee. At Ravensburger hut you may have a cold drink for refreshment and also spot marmots, before you hike to the bus stop and take the bus back to Lech.

Summit tours

Omeshorn - 2.557 m
our local mountain

Difficult route, approx. 5-6 hours
The Omeshorn is one of the most majestic peaks in the area. You start at the hotel and go to "Omesberg" and start the hiking path towards "Gstüt-Alpe". A small path leads you around the Omeshorn and you follow the blue signs. You pass big rocks and hike up a steep sloping meadow to the peak. You will be rewarded with a unique view of Lech, Zürs, lake Zürsersee and the surrounding peaks.

2.632 M

Challenging route, approx. 4 hours
The "Rüfikopf" cable car takes you up to 2.350 metres of altitude, make sure to take a glance of the magnificent view of the surrounding landscape on the way up.
You start on a wide alpine path, after approx. 400m you follow the sign. There will be a short ascent to a ridge, afterwards you hike along the serpentine path and the grassy ridge until you reach the peak. Enjoy the marvellous views around lake Monzabonsee.

2.131 m

Easy-medium route, approx. 2 hours
Take the local bus to Hochtanbergpass. From there you walk uphill over mountain meadows and through mountain pines to Hochalppass. On the way up to the Höferspitze peak, you will be surrounded by colourful flowers and mountain herbs. If you are sure-footed and not scared of heights, this tour will be of easy to medium level. Already after about 2 hours, you can sign your name in the summit register. A summit tour with scenic views of Widderstein, Braunarl and lake Körbersee.

Bike & Hike

Lech - Oberlech - Kriegerhorn Peak

Easy tour, approx. 2.5 hours
Bike: You take your bike up to Oberlech via Rudalpe, then you pass the "Skyspace" on your way to the mountain station of the Petersboden chair lift. You continue your route to "Kriegeralpe" hut and pass the water reservoir before you start the last bit up to "Kriegersattel".
Hike: From there you hike over mountain madows to the Kriegerhorn peak, afterwards you can put your name in the summit register and enjoy the wonderful views.
Bike: You can go back either on the same way, or experienced bikers could also take the route down via "Zugertobel" past the "Steinmähder" cable car back to Lech.

Kriegeralpe - Lake Butzensee

Medium tour, approx. 3.5 hours
Bike: You go up "Schlegelkopf" to Oberlech, pass the Oberlech cable car to hotel Mohnenfluh. Afterwards you pass the "Skyspace", the mountain station of the Petersboden chair lift until you arrive at the "Kriegeralpe" hut. Here you park your bike.
Hike: Your hike starts in the direction of "Steinmähder" - at the fork to Göppinger hut you follow the path to lake Butzensee. Refresh yourself with a quick dip in the lake. Then you hike up to the ridge "Mohnenfluh-Sattel" before you go back down to "Kriegeralpe" hut.
Bike: You go back down on the same path to Lech.

Around "formaletsch"

Challenging tour, approx. 4.5 hours
Bike: You take the bike to go through the stunning Zuger valley towards lake Formarinsee passing "Älpele". At the ibex landmark you park your bike.
Hike: Now the path leads you uphill through the blooming meadows to "Steinernes Meer" - an adventerous hike through the picuresque landscape with historically valuable fossiles and the biggest ibex colony. After a short stop at Freiburger hut you hike around lake Formarinsee back to your bike.
Bike: You end the tour by going through the Zuger valley back to Lech.


Lechweg, 1st Leg

Easy route, approx. 5 hours
Take the hiking bus through the Zuger valley to lake Formarinsee. Before you start to walk the Lechweg, we recommend to take a look at the lake and Freiburger hut, before you start your hike at the ibex landmark. The hike will start through colourful alpine meadows, here and there you may spot some marmots. It leads you alongside the Lech river over small bridges to "Älpele" and back to Lech.

Lechweg, 2nd Leg

Easy route, approx. 3 hours
You start your second leg directly at the hotel, headed to Stubenbach on the "Flühenweg". The hiking path passes the Lech canyon and you will pass a few small alpine streams. Alongside the forestry trail above the river you stay on the hiking path until you arrive near Warth. At the end you have to hike uphill through the forest to the walser village Warth (1.500 m).

Lech Loop - Variation

Easy route, approx. 3.5 hours
You take the Oberlech cable car to Oberlech. The hike leads you via the "Skyspace" to Auenfeld and its chive fields. You hike past "Auenfeld" hut alongside blooming mountain meadows. Later the path will lead you uphill to lake Körbersee. A short dip into the water will be refreshing before you continue your hike to Hochtannbergpass. From there you can take the hiking bus back to Lech.

Family hikes

THEMED hikes "Grüner Rätsel-Ring" &  "Arlenzauberweg"

Easy route, approx. 2 hours
From the hotel you hike up to "Rudalpe" via "Grüner Rätsel-Ring". It is a themed hike, where along the way you will find some stages with riddles for the whole family. The "Rudalpe" hut invites you to take a break - for the little ones there is a playground with water games and a petting zoo. When you continue on the "Arlenzauberweg" hiking path, you will find some information about flowers and trees along the path. Afterwards you can take the Oberlech cable car to go back.

"Gipslöcher" & lake "Libellensee"

Easy route, approx. 1.5 hours
Already the ascent with cable car to Oberlech and the Petersboden chair lift is an adventure for the whole family. Before you start the hike, you can stop at the playground at "Wolf" hut. Then you go down to Oberlech via "Gipslöcher" nature park. Once you arrive in Oberlech, a slight detour to lake Libellensee ("dragonfly lake") will be worth your while. Along the path you will see animals made out of wood from school kids in Lech.

Around lake Zürsersee

Easy route, approx. 1 hour
Take the "Seekopf" chair lift up to lake Zürsersee at 2.144m of altitude. The lake is surrounded by an uncomparable mountain world. Walk around the laks and make sure to go on the dock - refresh your feet in the ice-cold water of the mountain lake or explore Taurins cave. Before you take the chair lift back down in the valley, you could enjoy some sausages at the BBQ place.
Our tip: Don't forget to pack a towel and some sausages.